I went looking for this photograph of me in my early forties, about twenty years ago. Here it is.

Me with my Pitts Special at Andover airport

You’ll find a blog that I write in Spanish at https://brisa.uy/. A (currently) recent post, Renovación del Casco Muerto, has a pretty long (one and three quarter minute) video showing me as I am now.

And this photograph here in Panama.

Me with my Westsail 32 sailboat in Panama

It’s amazing how similar. Through all of the changes, these two resemble each other. Now I’m tempted to make a value judgement about that. Instead, think of it as one of the aspects that has surfaced from my full self, from time to time. Perhaps I’m revisiting this cycle. A sort of trying to relish living cycle.

I still think that few people know what to make of me, that I’m a bit of a freak. That hasn’t changed.