• Fútbol Decisions

    Over the past week I’ve seen two penalty shootouts in the quarter-finals of the 2019 Copa América.

  • To the moon

    This year, July 20, 2019 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the first moon landing.

  • Goodbye myFltTime

    In 2011 I started a project for pilot flight time logging and called it, “myFltTime.com”. The idea was to do something I knew, and try to build a software as a service (SAAS) product that would bootstrap into a sustainable business.

  • SCCM and Git

    There are files in our software systems that we desire to have under source control, but which we never edit. These are source code configuration management (SCCM) files such as Gemfile.lock, npm.shrinkwrap.json, or db/schema.rb.

  • Keeping minitest Dry

    Here’s a test written with minitest as extended for Rails. It is from the open source Rails project, IACCDB.

  • Coroutines

    Have you ever wondered how a construction crane grows with the building? Well, I have. Here’s how it works.

  • Your Professional Pedigree

    Follow-up July 4, 2019:

  • The Dispossessed

    When I read about the death of Ursula K Le Guin in the New York Times, at the end of January, I thought how agreeable she sounded, remembered that I hadn’t found her books accessible when I first encountered them as an adolescent, for whatever reason, and decided to try reading one of them again.

  • Why I'm not on Facebook

    … or WhatsApp or Instagram …

  • Merging migrations

    In Rails, the file db/structure.sql or db/schema.rb (depending) captures a snapshot of the state of the development database after a migration, when you run the db:migrate or db:schema:dump tasks.

  • Git merge v. rebase

    I’ve been looking into the git merge v. rebase endless theological debate. It comes up over and over. But I’ve only ever gotten into trouble trying to rebase. Not getting all wrapped up over how my commit history looks and just merging has given me fewer issues.

  • RSpec have HTTP status upgrade

    When upgrading a project to the Rails 5.2 pre-release we started to see some deprecation warnings in our RSpec runs. The warnings were as follows, and occurred wherever have_http_status(:success) or have_success_status and the like were used in tests.