Pelican perched on a day beacon

Pelicans in flight

Pelican head in close-up

Pelican on the water with sailboat in background

They fly in formation
It's such a sensation

They dive like darts
Seldom missing their mark

They come back afloat
With a fish in their throat

You won't see them offshore
They prefer a perch to snore

When you enter the harbor
You've returned to their larder

Oh pelican, you're swellican
We can learn from the pelican

Pelicans are brothers
The get along like no others

You won't see them fighting
Nor squawking nor biting

The pelican is wise
Have a look in their eyes

They're content in the moment
Without judgement or comment

Silent and stoic
They've no need for heroics

Attentive and alert
They've no need to assert

You can count on the pelican
They'll see you off and back again.