So where is Brisa? Where has she been? To London? To visit the queen?

Brisa sailing track

There is a list of people who receive an update whenever Brisa weighs or drops anchor. (To weigh anchor is to set sail.) Anchor’s aweigh, my boys!

After a time, more and more people wanted to be on the list. Brisa only put people known personally on the list. Being on the list had some currency, and there came to be a market for phone numbers or email addresses that were on the list. Only no-one would sell.

Someone, a stranger, once approached and asked to be added to the list. They offered money. The answer was, with a chuckle, no. The chuckle was the irony that anyone would want to be on it. Get a message when Brisa starts and stops sailing. That isn’t much of a story unless you’re personally connected.

Estoy empezando el viaje. Getting underway, heading out

Ver la ubicación o responder a Douglas Lovell:

Douglas Lovell ha enviado este mensaje desde: Lat 24.160845 Lon -110.323656

Along came someone smart who spread the word that you can see what Brisa is up to on the Garmin share Brisa map whenever you happen to take a look at it.

Brisa has a Garmin GPS and communicator on board, hooked-up to an inReach service, that sends brief messages and location updates via satellite. When the navigator thinks to do it, it sends live tracks of voyages in real time as they occur.

The where is Brisa map page has a message button that enables you to send Brisa a tweet-sized message from your browser.