Brisa has launched again after three months in the boat yard. We launched for the first time with the new name. As such, there was a ceremony to introduce the boat to Poseidon, ruler of the seas. The ceremony involves pouring perfectly delicious champagne into the ocean. You can guess that we shared a little with the god. Otherwise we wouldn’t know how perfectly delicious it was.

Brisa in the travel lift

After so much time on land, being on the water feels strangely thrilling. Thrilling, and like any good thrill, a little frightening. The hull is painted. The potable water system is refurbished. Brisa is ready to cruise. Being trapped in the boat yard felt like being a caged bird. Now the door is open and like that bird we feel hesitant about leaving the safety of the cage.

Lowering Brisa into the water

Leave we will. We’ll enjoy our freedom. First some day trips and shake-out cruises to nearby anchorages. Then we’ll stock-up on provisions and head North in the sea, anchorage to anchorage.

Sunning up on deck in the late afternoon, going on evening. A gentle breeze and the boat gently rocks. Blue ocean. Blue sky. Tan hills decorate the horizon. Someone, a girl really, giggles nearby in the anchorage. The incoming current laps at the boat. The sun feels warm on the skin. Like in the pictures. It’s really like that.

Brisa at anchor, free at last to navigate

Brisa has broken the bonds of earth. That is to say (even most space ships still circulate in the grip of gravity) she’s out of the boat yard and back in the water. Terra firma adios.

24° 9’ N, 110° 19’ W. No way on.